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Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
Nobody seems to care..

This is simply going to be random thoughts and emotions that come to me as I type them, it may feel very disjointed, but such is life at times.
So I've been listening to a lot of The Summer Set and Motion City Soundtrack (thanks Iain on the last one!)
I had to put down my poor old dog Eddie two weeks ago, which wasn't easy, but sometimes things need to be done, and I know it's for the best, it's just I had a hard time justifying it I guess.
My mother returned home after her 3rd stint in rehab in just over a year and a half. I kinda hope it sticks this time, but time will tell.
I owe my psychiatrist a little too much money, god bless credit cards.
NWA-Anarchy is probably my favourite wrestling promotion for the time being.
I haven't been seeing too many of my friends regularly, and it feels strange, but I think it's okay.
I'm four credits away from graduating and then moving onto college.
I'm still emotionally alone, but I try not to think about it.
I bought four books in the last 2 months I should probably read.
My arms are still bruised from taking bumps last weekend. Yay pro wrestling!
No concerts in the last few weeks unfortunately.
New Ataris album got pushed back to Summer 2010. Fuck.
New Dashboard Confessional CD is pretty awesome, but I need to give it a few more listens.

That's all for now, I think.
Oh, and I'm doing radio shows now bi-weekly for Burning Hammer Radio and Segunda Caida Radio. Google them. It's worth it for wrestling dork talk.
Take care.

We're we ever really together or just afraid of being apart?

I wonder if the spell we're under will ever be broken??

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Hi! I hope you are well. I'd kind of like to check in with you but I've lost your contact info aside from this. What's your MSN address again?

Im sorry about your dog.. We had to put down our cat because he was losing lots of weight and his hair was falling out, we brought him to the vets and it was too late, his body was full of tumors :(

Oh dear, I'm sorry.
How have you been, if I may ask?

Im doing good, living in Hamilton now with my boyfriend of almost 2 years. And you?

Ah not bad I suppose. Still single, but there's more important things to me than that. My wrestling shows are still mildly successful, and I'm hoping to put high school behind me once and for all.

Lol well thats good I guess. The boyfriend likes wrestling as well, which is tolerable.. except when he watches 4 hour holiday wrestling specials >.< lol.

Hey...there was a lot of good wrestling on that TNA special episode! haha
How's the health thing going? I read the entries that weren't locked, haha.

Oh lord. Well, I had/have a large blood clot in my thigh blocking 3 of the main veins. 2 blood clots in my lungs, the doctor told me I apparently have a hereditary blood clotting disorder I didn't know about, so i'll have to be on some sort of blood thinner for life. Go me, this is the 3rd somewhat rare health/hereditary thing i've had lol.

That's not cool, but at least it's possible to keep under control, right?

Yes, although if I were to injure myself, it could cause another clot, or internal bleeding. And if I were to cut myself i'd also bleed like crazy. I now have to wear one of those medical alert bracelets lol.

Oh that sounds sexy. Haha. So may I ask what on earth caused you to want to contact me again?

I'm not sure exactly.. curiosity? boredom? maybe I wanted to see if you were still as big of a creeper as I remembered, haha.

You missed me! Admit it! haha and plus, last I checked there was a time when you liked that big creeper =P

Well, no. And that was only until I discovered just how big of a creeper you were.

But you contacted that possible big creeper =P
Even though I'm really not anymore.

True, I did. To express my sympathy towards you having to put down your dog.

So would you like to be friends again?

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