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age of the fall

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and I don't love you anymore..
Sometimes a song just rips right through you and it feels like everything inside just falls out through the music.

Sometimes you sit alone at night and beat yourself up with the simple question of "What If?"

Sometimes you see the sun shining and you can't help but smile because of the light it brings.

Sometimes it all feels so fake, like you're simply playing a role in a movie you've seen a million times before. You know the ending, and so does everyone else.

Sometimes you do all the things you've done, only hoping to attach new memories to old places. Somehow..

Sometimes knowing that if you could just cry, then it'll feel better.

Sometimes you allow yourself to get so lost in dreams, because you feel there's infinitely more possible than in your reality.

Sometimes you can even remember when there was a reason for the pain. Something to attach yourself to.

And sometimes.. is everyday.

"Stay away from me and go straight to hell. And after a day like this, my whole world's gone all wrong." - Shannon Lawson


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